The Cameo Rose Bardot Playsuit

As shown on my Instagram, (LadyEmathea) I was pictured wearing a playsuit, hence the following pictures aren’t that surprising. But I thought I’d go into it a touch more for the sake of a blog and for those more curious about it.

I was on a hunt for a playsuit, and after some quite disastrous results in other shops (I swear some shops, even mainstream ones, don’t create clothing for anyone who even looks at a slice of cake), I ended up in New look. Thankfully my struggle was done, I saw this gorgeous thing.


Stock photo from New

This Cameo Rose Black Bardot Neck Playsuit is available at New Look for £19.99 in UK sizes 8-16, found both online and in store, in Black and Khaki.

When I first saw it hanging there innocently, I thought it’s adorable but it was never going to fit me, especially if the biggest size they have is a 16. Sadly, through shopping experience, when the clothing comes up to a 16 max, it usually means it’s going to be on the small size for anyone. But I gave it a go.

There is no zip, no buttons, nothing that could help get these curves into a playsuit that size easily, but the material had enough stretch that it was actually fairly easy to put on, especially over the bust and through the arm holes. I will tell you this, I have never worn a playsuit in my life (Unless I was in my childhood but I have no memory of that), when I looked in the mirror and saw this, I was amazed.

I love bardot styles, anything off the shoulder or strappy just makes me so happy, and this was no exception. To me, it showed off my shoulders rather elegantly with the width of it being balanced and not too chunky or too slim.

The bust was slightly tight when actually wearing it, to the point I think if I continued to wear it, that area would definitely not stretch back to normal. As it was tight there, it drew the rest of the playsuit upwards, making the already mini design, even more tiny for me, and more likely that I probably have to continue pulling them down or ensure I never bend over again – given how often I drop things, that’s not happening. The waist was fitted perfectly, because of the stretch it managed to adjust well and give my waist some definition which I loved. What made it even cuter is the little pleats that surround the top of the shorts, giving it that extra touch of detail, and probably helped get my hips into this. Lastly, although the back of the playsuit is quite plain, I think because of the type of material used, it didn’t actually show off any of my rolls on my back (something I am cautious about when buying clothing), which was surprising considering the constriction on my front.

From my photo, I matched this playsuit to a pair of black wedged sandals. I’d say that as it’s a black playsuit it would be possible to dress it up a lot more, potentially adding silver elements such as a belt, jewellery and much more. To me, it’s perfect for a night out.

Honestly, the bad side of this playsuit is the fact that it doesn’t come in a larger size because I think had it been that touch bigger in the bust area, it would have sealed the deal for me as it wouldn’t have been as short and it wouldn’t have felt constricting around the bust.

Personally, I did think they made my legs look amazing. To me, playsuits were always for the girls who were a size 8 with legs that go for miles, and I never believed I would have a thought that made me determined to even try one on. I always thought that I would seem delusional to other people, that they would think I looked awful trying on an outfit made for someone obviously not my size, that they would think that I thought I was skinnier than I actually was, that I wasn’t pretty enough or slim enough to have the confidence needed for this outfit. Well, that thought went out the window when I realised that I don’t care anymore, I’m 22, I can dress however the hell I want because it’s my body, my size, and frankly, I bet more often than not, they wish they wanted the confidence to try something new.  Part of me will always be insecure, but I’m changing that, even if it’s as simple as trying on a playsuit, so I encourage you to do the same. Try on a playsuit, show off your bare arms or legs, wear that bold lipstick, just do it. Because if you don’t start trying something new, you never know how much happier you could be.


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Plus sized, anime-loving, xbox-gaming, psychology graduate, a.k.a me. Started the blog "Curvy Legion" to encourage more self love while having fun with fashion and such. New to it all, I'm focusing on having fun with it and hopefully, helping others do the same.
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