The Quiz Colour block dress with a bow

Another Instagram photo to show the dress in question, however since trying on the dress, it is no longer in store or online, making purchasing the dress difficult but the review still possible as it’s likely the same dress or similar will appear again. I think trying on this dress was another step away from my usual and into new territory, while having a fun day shopping.

This black, white and cream bardot bodycon dress with a bow was available at Quiz within the past year in UK sizes 8-18. While I can’t find the price, nor the dress, I will assume that it was between £19.99 and £26.99 as that is the price range for dresses very similar to this one.

Normally, I tended to stay away from Quiz, I knew them as the shop girls who liked a LOT of sparkles went to for cheap dresses for nights out and I hadn’t seen anything that caught my eye whenever I walked past. Normally I wouldn’t even think about looking in there, but as with lately, a change of thinking led to a change of action. I walked in, confronted with so many sparkles I wasn’t sure where to start, but I ventured on. I’m happy that I did because otherwise I think my opinion might have continued to stay as negative as it did.

It reminded me of the pin-up look, a cute wiggle dress with an even cuter little bow, and as it was off the shoulder, I was happy. Of course I did a double take. It was white on the bust, it was going to make the girls look even bigger than they were. It had a bow on the waist, it was going to draw attention to there. It was a cream coloured skirt, it was going to make me look huge. It was tight, it was going to show off all the areas I was unhappy with. I can guarantee you, I was torn between finding my size in this, or just walking away. If in doubt about trying something new, just do it, you’d be surprised.

Once again, there was no zip, no buttons, nothing that would make getting into this tight dress easy. But as I found a size 18, and that it was a stretchy material, the dress managed to get on without making me feel like I just ran a marathon.


While I adore the off the shoulder look, and it was one of the reasons I was interested in this dress, when I actually put it on, it didn’t feel quite right. The best way I think to describe the feeling is that the width of the black band doesn’t feel wide enough around the shoulders, especially when you look at it from a side view as it appears to rise up instead lying straight on the arms.  I may just be being picky but it throws the look off for me when the rest of the outfit does have that straight block appearance.

A major concern was that the white on the bust was going to make the girls look larger than they actually are, but I don’t think that’s the case. It didn’t feel tight, nor did it feel like wearing it for more than a minute was going to stretch it out, whatever material used for the dress was perfect.

As you can see from the close up of the waist, the middle actually sits above my natural waist line. Part of me believe that because I’m quite tall and somewhat busty the dress is being dragged up, so it’s not sitting correctly on me. But, the other part of me actually likes that it’s that bit higher as the cream colour shows off the natural waist and the black part brings a contrast to the natural waist and to the bust above it. Even the bow, it’s just the right size to bring attention to my waist but not so big that it consumes my waist or too small that it makes my waist look like it’s consuming the bow (Which is entirely possible). Another small detail is the waist section is actually broken up by a small block of cream, which to me makes it seem like the black section is more like a belt over the dress and not actually part of the dress.

Finally the cream, or the skirt section of the dress. Picking it up, this was the section that was going to make or break it, especially for someone who has always been told “wear black or dark colours” to make my tummy and legs look slimmer, “don’t wear anything tight” because it will show off all my lumps and bumps. It’s always going to be trial and error with finding something new that I feel makes me look good, so this was a definitely a trial. I like the cream. It’s bold, it’s different, and it definitely shows off the curves. However, it is definitely tight, as you can easily see from the photo it shows off my tummy, even my underwear wasn’t safe! I think if I were to wear this dress out, clubbing or a meal, I’d wear something to smooth my tummy and my underwear lines to highlight the gorgeousness of the cream skirt.

I stepped out of my comfort zone for this, I went against what I was taught (both about the shop, and how a larger girl should dress), and I am thankful I did. While my stomach is fairly easy to spot in this dress, especially from the side, it showed that I didn’t have to go with the usual colours (A.K.A Black) to feel happy about my appearance. I’ve been trying new colours, new designs to see what works and what makes me feel better about myself; as I said before, it has been trial and error. I now know I can rock a tight dress with light colours, but I also know that tight dresses definitely do not agree with underwear lines and that as someone who is tall and slightly busty, I can expect outfits to rise on me and this is useful for the next trial.
Essentially, experiment with your look. Someone tells you that larger girls and guys should stick to baggy dark clothing? Get out your neon tight clothing, you decide how you feel and what you want to wear, no one else. Have fun with your look, you may surprise yourself.


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Plus sized, anime-loving, xbox-gaming, psychology graduate, a.k.a me. Started the blog "Curvy Legion" to encourage more self love while having fun with fashion and such. New to it all, I'm focusing on having fun with it and hopefully, helping others do the same.
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