The “Pinup” Harness Bra

Slightly different to my usual fashion review in the sense that it focuses on an item more accessory/lingerie than anything. As such, you’ll probably(definitely) see more of me than usual; so it’ll be a more mature blog post and NSFW. Today’s review is the “Pinup” Harness Bra by “Vixen Curves”.

I’ll start by telling you a bit about this company as they are relatively new, but have already formed a decent amount of followers on instagram (@Vixen_Curves). This was actually how I came to find them, I began seeing more and more women wearing these harness bras and I fell in love, leading me to pretty much stalk the Vixen Curves instagram to see all the amazing designs produced. So to explain what the company is about, it focuses on providing plus size (UK Size 14+) harness bras, chokers and tulle skirts for really affordable prices; For example, the “Pinup” costs £12. I’m sure I don’t have to tell many of you that finding plus size lingerie/accessories/skirts that actual fit for a decent price and decent quality is difficult at the best of times, and Vixen Curves have just made it a lot easier.

Review time. This is the “Pinup” Harness bra available at Vixen Curves, a pre-order at £12 where one-size fits all and is designed for plus size women. It’s designed to add a touch of elegance to any outfit (stated by the description), and honestly, I completely agree.


Stock photo from

As it’s a relatively new brand, there are moments of doubt (as always with buying things online), such as maybe it won’t actually fit my size as many “One size fits all”, doesn’t usually apply, even if it’s made for the curvier lady. But considering the high praise from many people on instagram I was determined to get one. Which led to an internal and external debate involving myself, my partner and my dad, in which one should I get. Part of me wanted them all, but realistically my bank account would probably disagree with me, so I was torn between the original “Vixen” and the “Pinup”, obviously from the title you know which one won. So I ordered it, and with a £2.99 postage and package fee, I waited.

As it’s a pre-order item, it means that it can take up to 4 weeks to arrive as it’s all handmade. I placed the order on 15th September 2016 and received an order confirmation; 26th September I had an email stating it had been sent out and would be delivered in roughly 2-4 days; 30th September it was delivered. Considering it’s a handmade harness, 15 days is definitely impressive.

harness-packAs you can see the harness arrived in a purple waterproof parcel (Obviously this is a back view), which personally makes me think it would be impossible to lose in transport considering how colourful the packaging is. That then opens to the harness in an extra layer of protection. It may not be the clearest but also included with the harness is a cute little card with the logo and website address on. Isn’t the logo adorable?

Harness a4.pngI’ve tried to show the harness bra as it looks when you first see it, and considering I don’t have light flooring, an A4 sheet of paper was going to help me with this. First assumption: That is tiny, there is no way that is going to fit and not leave red marks under the bust, around the neck and on the actual bust/chest area. That assumption is wrong. The material of the harness is some sort of elastic (the specific type I have no idea), it feels incredibly silky and rather high quality. The quality of the stitching is amazing, there’s no stitch that doesn’t serve a purpose. The only problem I have is the edging of the elastic looks like it might fray, but without wearing it more I’m not sure. It might have been nice for the edge of the elastic where it was cut to have been sealed to prevent fraying but there may have been a reason that it wasn’t, such as the hardness being rough against skin. From the pictures, it may not seem clear but it is a halter neck harness, I can’t say what other harness offered are halter necks but looking at other products, the designs do differ in every aspect so some may be, others may be straps, it’s something worth looking at when picking which to buy. Another feature is that it does up by fastening the band straps with a hook type method, though as you can see via the photo the lower strap seems to be adjustable too.

So, getting this thing on… Easy. I simply put it on via the halter neck first, pulled it down to go under the girls, and hooked it in the back (took a few tries before turning in the mirror to do it). The other option is similar to putting on a bra (how I put on a bra at least), do the hooks first on the band, move the hooks to the back and put the halter on. Obviously there will be some adjustment needed depending on size, and moving the decorative features (The two front straps) to sit where you want. Because it is some form of elastic, it means it’s made to stretch, and as someone who is more like a size 20 on the bust, it definitely fits to that size, confirming that Vixen Curve’s “One size fits all” policy for plus size women is accurate. There is plenty of stretch left which makes me think it could easily fit size 24, maybe even bigger.


From the photos, you can see that all the straps have stretched. I didn’t take a photo of the back because you can’t even see the band, but the band sits comfortably on my back and fits on my bra’s band, and to be honest I can hardly feel it pressing in. I think because I’m not used to wearing halter neck tops, the feeling of the harness on my neck is definitely an odd one, but it is the only place that I can really feel that I am wearing a harness. The fun part is getting the straps to sit at the right place. All women have different breast sizes and shapes, in my example, I have a gap between mine which makes getting a cleavage unusual with most bras. With the harness, it does appear to push them further apart which makes the gap look a lot bigger, whereas I know with some women I’ve seen, the band completely disappears in the cleavage. What I love, is that because it is stretchy, I just need to pull it in certain places and I get the straps sitting how I want, and not sitting on the girls, which pushes them down at the straps and making the come up in the gaps of the harness (Not attractive to me). It’s best to experiment with how you want the harness to sit.

How I experimented was also with different bras. I didn’t take any photos as I wanted to see the outcomes quite quickly because I was excited. First off, the t-shirt bra. No. It just didn’t look right, the bra was pretty much touching the straps in my case and I didn’t like how it looked. The balcony bra. I rather liked how it looked, it did make them appear a lot bigger but because of that type of bra and how it focuses on pushing up rather than together, the harness suited it a lot more. The bra in the photos, it’s a semi plunge/semi push up, and you can see it probably gave me my favourite look out of all of them. I haven’t tried it with all of the different types of bras but that could occur in the future.

Harness top.png

One of the main reasons I wanted this harness was because I wanted to add a touch of detail, or elegance to an outfit. The primary outfit I thought of was any strap top I had. I had about 6 different coloured strap tops and while I love them, it would be nice to make them have a bit more of a feature. As you can see from these photos, I’ve tried to show you what it looks like with a top, and the different angle of it. I personally love it. It does add that touch of detail that strap tops need sometimes to complete an outfit. I think it would look wonderful with any strappy top/dress etc, or even with a plunging neckline as well, it’s something that I’ll be experimenting with as I wear it.

The two detailing straps, what makes it the “Pinup”, look incredible, they make it bold enough to stand against my skin and top. The thickness of the straps are perfect for the curved triangle shape and I’m glad that out of my choices of products, I decided to buy this particular one. Honestly, the only fault is the potential fraying, everything else with this harness is perfect and you can see the love and effort put into it. So, overall what do I think of the “Pinup” Harness bra, I love it. I love it to the extent I’ll most likely be ordering from Vixen Curves again.

If you are interested, I believe that Vixen Curves do deliver outside of the UK, but prices and waiting times will probably vary.

So, as I seem to end my past posts with something akin to a ramble, here we go. Some might refer to this harness as “Fetish” or “Bondage”, and perhaps it could be described as such, but to me it’s adorable, regardless of the labels others put to it. When you start to put labels on items, or even people, you start to form opinions and place judgement on them due to that specific label. When you look at this harness bra, by thinking “Fetish” or “Bondage”, you may think of related items with these labels, you may think of it for sexual use, or that only those who are into those labels would wear it, this results in limiting yourself from a new experience. I don’t mean experience in a sexual way, more experience in trying new things, such as a different type of clothing, or meeting someone new. When you label something, you push it into a category to try and make sense of it, and often this can cloud your judgement and make you not want to experience something out of your comfort zone. This labelling could be on anything: an item of clothing (“It’s pink therefore I won’t wear it” it limits trying out new styles), a person (“She’s fat therefore she must not work out” it limits getting to know a person, she may be a hardcore yoga instructor or has a medical condition), an activity (“Ice-skating is for the graceful therefore I can’t do it” it limits learning something new. By making assumptions about something and forcing it into a category of “No/Negativity/Not me”, it can limit your experience and could make you miss out on something new and something that could make you see the world and yourself in a new way. I’m trying to realise that I may label something that I thought was for skinnier girls, but would actually suit me really well. Change how you think, change how you perceive things and that can potentially change the world for you.

My point is, you see that 50’s wiggle dress, you think it’s for the slimmer girls, just go get it. It’s your body, stop limiting yourself to what you think is right of wrong for you to wear or do. If you want to go running in the park with the shortest top, go do it. If you want to wear pink tight dresses despite having a wardrobe full of black baggy clothing, go do it. Stop limiting yourself to a label and just have fun.



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2 Responses to The “Pinup” Harness Bra

  1. I’ve just ordered one of these! Well, the Midnight Amber version! I’d seen something similar on a website, but didn’t cater to plus sizes, so happy now!


    • curvylegion says:

      I got so excited when I saw your instagram post about it! Honestly, you are going to look even more amazing than you already do wearing that. I’m happy to have helped and I hope to see you in it! X


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