Do you know why they call me “Hatter”?

Halloween is upon us! If you check out my Instagram you’ll see that I’ve posted a few makeup ideas, and if you’ve seen my story you’ll see what I’ve been doing to get into the Halloween spirit (A.K.A Watch Let’s plays of Horror games such as Outlast from Achievement Hunter). But for the final design, I went with a classic. The Mad Hatter.

If my dear sister (Check out her Instagram) is reading this, she may recognise this piece as it’s actually one which she handed down to me years and years ago, hence I don’t know the actual price of it. This outfit is actually one of my favourite costumes in the sense that not only is it adorable, but it has sentimental value as I wore it for my first Halloween at university.

Mad hatter stock.jpgThis is the Mad Hatter costume which is now discontinued by Leg Avenue. However, they do have a variety of costumes in a range of sizes (Waist measurements go between 21inches to 44inches).

Hatter 1.jpg

The entire outfit is just full of stretch, from the arm holes to the hips, there is so much stretch that as I’m wearing a size M/L, it fits. It’s snug but it fits. On the back of the dress is actually a zip which is fairly easy to do up without issue too. So getting it on, and even off is really easy. However, I do think that if it wasn’t for the stretch, that it would not be wearable for my size, and as it stands the length is definitely too short, though it does look like it’s made to be like such. Regarding the actual quality, I’ve owned this for over 6 years or so, not including however long my sister had it, and it feels and looks like day one, it’s successfully survived multiple nights out. While there are a few loose threads, the overall quality is amazing especially as none of the buttons have fallen off.

Hatter 3.JPG

We’ll start from the top down. I adore the cute shoulder section of the top. It’s a toned down gold ish colour and the sleeves themselves are fully elastic and movable, making them possible to be worn as a normal top as shown, or as a more off the shoulder type look. The only downside I actually have with them is that they show off the bra straps way too easily, regardless of the type of bra (I tested with a few) and as such a strapless bra is probably the best bet, I’m wearing a balcony in these photos as I do like how they make the girls look in this style of neckline.  I love the cute frills on the bust section along with the thick black ribbons that are attached on the skirt and bust. However, I’m not sure if it’s because it’s a bit tighter on me now, or that it’s always been like this, but the gold bust sections don’t fully cover my bust, the black velvet probably cover’s a quarter of the bottom of my cup; a larger size may fix this.

I’m not a big fan of velvet, possibly due to my childhood years wear I constantly wore a velvet dress and it’s put me right off ever wearing it. Sadly the black part of this dress is made of velvet, and while it does suit the style, it means that I try to avoid touching my torso to avoid touching the velvet.  The dress has multiple gold buttons running down the front of the dress for appearances only, along with the zig-zag sparkly gold ribbon. I feel these do add a lot to the overall look of the outfit and possibly helps give a bit more shape to my waist.

Hatter 2.jpg

The skirt is weird in the sense that it could probably be used for a large pocket, as the skirt isn’t fully attached, the front bit can be pulled to show a pocket as it’s the under layer which is fully attached to the top. It’s a gorgeous blue/green colour with plenty of ruffles and it is possible to move it into a shape that you prefer (I.E. Straight out, or pushed down as in the picture). My only issue is that for us taller ladies, or anyone over 5 foot 5, you run the risk of showing everyone what’s underneath if you bend over, so the choice is yours.

There is one final touch of this costume, and that’s the headband. It’s really cute in the sense that it’s shaped like a teacup with the classic 10/6 label at the front and bits of decoration. However, while the quality of the dress is wonderful, the hat has seen better days. The headband can slide right off as it’s just attached through two ribbons on the hat, one of which I’ve had to sew as it broke. Similarly the teacup, while I’ve tried to keep it well looked after, it tends to just lose it shape, hence not the best photos. But I think it definitely adds to the mad hatter look. Please note, I had way too much fun taking that makeup off hence photo number 2 in the close up.

Personally, it is far too short to be worn without anything underneath, whether this is a skirt, shorts, or my favourite leggings (It’s still October, it’s going to be cold). But I think thigh high socks, or decorative tights might really add to this look, the choices are endless. Makeup wise, I went with the Johnny Depp mad hatter make up but I think you could do anything, you could probably just do more of a clown sort of makeup if you would like. Though colour scheme wise, I’d go for blues, greens and that touch of gold to bring it all together.

Overall, it is a really cute dress, it’s a shame that Leg Avenue aren’t continuing it, but then I’m sure other places will have it available or other mad hatter costumes if you are thinking about it for next year.

I have seen so many great costumes and ideas the past week or two from various people on social media and it’s amazing how everyone comes together to have a bit of fun on one particular night. Men, women, children, teenagers, the elderly, everyone has and will celebrate Halloween in a way that makes them happy and there is no right or wrong way to celebrate it, and I think that’s wonderful. Everyone enjoying themselves with no harm is one of the best things about being alive.

This review was more about what I wore for Halloween and to have a bit of fun (The backcombing will never come out). Please enjoy this awful photo of me in first year when I wore this to a Halloween house party, I like to think I’ve changed a bit since then, even if my clothes haven’t.

Hatter 6.png

 Enjoy your Halloween night whatever you do!

Alice: Because you wear a hat?
Hatter: …No.


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