Orange, ginger or redhead? The 80cm Curly wig

As of this year, I started to get into cosplay, in the sense that I actually started to wear and make my own cosplays; a completely new thing for me as I only learnt how to sew at the same time I was making my first costume, Mad Moxxi from Borderlands (See my Instagram for  photos). In the future I hope to make a lot more, and have my skills progress more too, but one of the things I love about cosplay is how different you can look and one feature of this is the hair, which leads me onto my review of this wig.

About a week ago I was browsing eBay because you can find some amazing bargains, which  is where I saw this beautiful thing.


This is the “80cm Orange Long Curly Heat Resistant Anime Cosplay Wig” is available at CosplaySalon on eBay for £10.68 (with free delivery), in loads of different colours with prices between £6.99 to £10.68.

The name of this product pretty much tells you everything about the wig but just to reiterate the points. It’s a brand new wig, made in China but from my experience is dispatched from the U.K., and is unbranded with no labels or anything attached to the wig. This particular wig is a curly design, measuring at 80cm/31.5 inches in length making it a long wig, and finally it’s synthetic so not made of real hair (I can understand the appeal but I prefer synthetic), but is heat resistant so you are able to restyle it with curlers and straighteners at a reasonable heat.



If we simply look at the wig between the model and myself we can see there are some slight differences. First thing is that the fringe in the original photo is cut into a blunt fringe style, whereas in my photo the fringe is not styled; this is actually a good thing as it means I have the option to cut and style the fringe myself, so if there was a specific character who had a certain length of fringe I’d be able to style it to that length, or just to my preference. The colour, orange, is completely accurate (despite my poor lightning, see further down at the packaging part for the best colour photos). I’m actually amazed that it’s exactly as it is shown on the product as I know often people get it where the colour is lighter or darker than shown, so full credit there.

Another factor to consider is the difference in length. If you look at the model photo it looks like the wig is incredibly long, between the bust and waist sort of length. However, when I wore it, it was on my bust. I’m inclined to believe that if I pulled the wig straight then it would reach 80cm, but as there are a lot of tight curls, it shortens itself. A couple of brushes and loosening the curls might make the wig more like the model image, but that means losing the curls that I adore, it’s not a negative but it would be nice if there were tight curls and length. Lastly the volume, in the model picture there is a lot of volume, however, the reason may be due to all the hair being pulled forward in the front photos, and all the hair being pushed back in the back photos, making the wig look a lot more full. In my case, when I wore it, I’ve got some in the front and some in the back, but because of this, it’s not as full as it could be meaning my neck isn’t as covered. Once again, brushing the curls and separating them might make the wig go a lot further.

I’ve spoken about how it relates to the actual product description and image, but now I’ll actually discuss the parts which might help give a better picture of the quality.

This is a standard wig, which means that the hairs are attached to a wig cap, and there is no lace-front or anything. The wig is adjustable to the head size by the small clips inside to make it tighter and help hold it in place. Because I’m me, I actually have quite a large head (physically, not mentally), so finding hats or such that fit perfectly is quite difficult, but regarding the wig, because it’s adjustable it helps a lot. Because of this, it actually does fit perfectly (On the loosest setting), and does not seem to be on the small side or too big either so it should fit almost everyone.

I previously stated that it doesn’t seem to be as thick as it showed in the model photos, even though that’s the case, the wig is thick enough to cover the wig cap underneath which considering the price, is an amazing thing. I know a lot of people buy wigs cheaply off ebay and you can see the cap underneath, or the wig just doesn’t have the volume to make it seem like an actual head of hair, but thankfully this isn’t the case with this orange wig.


The quality of a wig is always important, you don’t want it too shiny, ideally it would be soft, easy to brush and won’t shed. This beautiful sunset orange wig… As with all or most synthetic wigs, there is a slight artificial shine that captured in certain lights, however this is expected with a brand new wig. There are various ways to get rid of the shine, so it’s not the end of the world that there is a tiny bit. In these photos it does look a lot shiner than it actually is, but that’s more on being unable to get the right lighting to show how it actual looks. Regarding the softness, I would say that it is fairly soft, it has a sort of silky feel when I play with the curls, but there is some feelings of wire-like strands in the end bits that aren’t integrated in the curls and in the side section of the fringe. But overall there is a softness that makes me think it’s a better quality than other wigs I’ve seen for the same price. Easiest wig to brush. It can get messy fairly easily, especially when playing with it as much as I did when I first got it, but taking my comb, it brushed through without any problems. I have yet to see any of the wig start shedding as I did this, though obviously take your time when brushing a wig, don’t rush it.

Hopefully I’ve given you a clear picture of the quality of this wig, and if there are any questions, please feel free to ask.  Now I’ll actually speak briefly on the company, the customer service and delivery I got when ordering.

As you may know, eBay have a rating system, and while this company has 99.8% at the time of writing this review, I’d actually give them 100% if I could. I had no problems with ordering the wig; by the next working day I had received a message saying that the product has been dispatched. They actually gave me feedback! Far too often people don’t leave feedback for people, either when buying or selling a product, a pet peeve of mine. I ended up receiving the wig two days before it was actually predicted to arrive, so I was even happier with my order.

The wig was packaged in another protective layer, and even came with a free wig cap (I have so many now).  I know it’s an odd thing to be excited about, but I love it when a seller adds that bit extra layer of protection, either via a plastic bag or a zip-lock bag in this case, because it means that they case that little bit extra to ensure the product comes to you as undamaged as possible. It’s just lovely to see they care. The delivery of the wig was perfect. A day after the last predicted delivery day, I received another message where they made sure I was happy, to thank me for buying it, and a general let them know if there’s any issues. Also, with each product on ebay, in the description part, they show how to put the wig on, how to measure your head for their wigs and how to wash it, a helpful little guide for people. Personally, it’s the simple things like an extra layer of protection, a message confirming dispatch and another message after to make sure I’m happy that really makes me willing to go back and buy more things from them.

There are slight faults with the wig, but overall I’m so happy about the quality, and as I’ve bought from them before (See the Ariel cosplay on my Instagram), I know that this is the standard of quality. Other people may have different experiences but I recommend them from my experience. While I may not be wearing an orange wig as everyday wear, I’m determined to get a cosplay where I can, maybe Rangiku from Bleach, or as a friend suggested, Jessica Rabbit.


I’ve dyed my hair every colour you can imagine during my teenage years (Aside from white/grey), I used to be really bored with the colour of my hair, it was just a simple dark brown (As you can see in my previous blog post). Over the years, I’ve grown to love my hair colour so I haven’t dyed it in about 3 years now and I think if I did I might go Ombre or dip-dyed, keeping the natural brown, and effectively never having to deal with my roots. It’s taken me years to start appreciating something as small as my hair. It’s never been a huge issue with me, for example my forehead, my nose, my weight and a lot of other things have been more of an issue for me than my hair, but it was still something I wasn’t happy with growing up. I’m not sure what caused it, but eventually I was just happy with it, it’s not the most exciting hair, and there are options are if I want to. Essentially, there may be parts of yourself you hate, you want to change, but that’s at the moment. You may dislike something about yourself but that’s not permanent. Things will be better, feelings will change, and eventually what you may hate at the moment, you may grow to love. Just remember that it may be difficult, but eventually you’ll be smiling again.


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