My simple makeup

I’m sorry for the delay in getting this next post out, if you follow me on Instagram and watch my story on there, you’ll know the past two weeks I’ve been up and down the UK being rather busy. However, while being busy I tended to post before and after photos of my makeup, which resulted in quite a few people messaging me asking what I used, how I did it, and the wonderful compliments. So this post is dedicated to those lovely followers.


 To start, here is a photo of all the makeup and tools I used to achieve my makeup look . I did however forget to put in my moisturiser in this photo but I tend to use ” Original Astral, Face and body moisturiser”.


  • A beauty blender/sponge for foundation
  • RealTechniques sculpting brush for powder/contouring
  • EcoTools Fan brush for powder/contouring
  • Double ended Eye shadow brush
  • Double ended eyebrow brush


  • Primer: Rimmel London Stay Matte Primer
  • Foundation: Loreal Paris True Match foundation in Ivory
  • Pressed Powder: Makeup Gallery in Natural beige
  • Contouring: Collection contour kit with highlighter and sculpt
  • Eyebrows: Freedom Eyebrow Pomade in Dark brown
  • Eye shadow: Avon in Healthy Glow and Enchanted forest
  • Eyeliner: Collection Fast Stroke eyeliner in Black
  • Mascara: 17 (I tend to use whatever mascara I have on hand and today it was this)
  • Lips: Avon in Red kiss, mixed with a black lipstick I got at a market to darken the shade to my liking.

I tend to try different makeup so there’s no special brand I stick to because I’m open to all (Within reason), hence I’ll have a lot of brands in my makeup box and these were what I picked today. So to get started with putting it on, I’ll show what I look like before, beware.

This face has already been moisturised and the primer has already been placed but aside from that there is no makeup.


I make sure that my sponge is completely wet before I use it, this is because I don’t want any of the foundation being absorbed by the sponge. Then I’ll just do about 3 small squirts of foundation, one on both cheeks, my forehead, and dependant on how much coverage I fancy, my nose. Then I constantly dab the sponge through the foundation and over my face, ensuring all parts are covered.

Next comes the powder. This stuff helps to lock in the foundation and give a more matte appearance. I will also say that this powder is slightly darker than my foundation because I’m just in-between shades, so my foundation is a touch lighter than my skin tone and the powder a touch darker so they balance out to give me an accurate skin tone. This is applied with the sculpting brush.

Next the contouring, I’ve tried to show where I contour before I begin my blending. I do it just below the cheek bones, under my jaw, the top and sides of my forehead and a tiny bit on the sides of my nose. The highlighter is under my eyes, above my eyebrows, on the top of my nose and a tiny bit between my contoured cheek bones and jaw. This then get as blended as I can with the sculpting brush that it was applied with. I do like the fan brush but personally I use the fan brush to brush away the excess powder that’s accumulated, and helps to blend in the last few bits.

Next is the eyebrows. Using the eyebrow brush I’ll dip it in the gel and starting at the top of my arch sweep down to the end, then do the same underneath before working on the starting points of my eyebrows. I intend to get a wax of show form to keep my eyebrows holding shape but I keep forgetting whenever I’m out, so if you can recommend a good one, please let me know. I’ll then use the other end of the brush and with a tiny amount of foundation I’ll neaten up the eyebrow lines, both above and below.

With the eye shadow, I’ll take the lightest colour and apply it all over the lid to below the eyebrow. This helps make the eyebrow seem a bit more defined and stand out more, and helps the following eye shadow layers pop. Next I’ll take the darker brown and place it along the eye socket, this way blinking won’t smudge it and it keeps the colour. Then I take the other dark brown shown and place it between the eye socket and the eyelash line near the ends of my eyes and about half way across. I’ll then blend it using the two way eye shadow brush.


The eyeliner. I doubt I’ll ever perfect this, and to be honest I only started using the liquid eyeliner in the past few years, I had a bad experience with it that put me off trying it again. But now I tend to go between liquid, pen and pencil eyeliner. Starting halfway on the eye, I’ll start to flick it out at the end, then work from the inner eye out again. I’ll attempt the same on the other eye, and end up on the first eye trying to make it the same and continue like such until I get panda eyes. Next is the simple mascara, I doubt that needs much explanation other than on the top eye lashes and the bottom.

Lastly the lipstick. I use the black lipstick on the corners of my mouth and a tiny bit on my lips, before I use the red lipstick all over and blend with a lipstick brush. This step usually varies as I have many lipsticks that don’t often need to be darker, but I fancied a dark one today.

Oh and don’t forget to use a makeup setting spray, I recommend the stuff from Avon. I did use to just use hair spray, but trust me, that’s not good for your skin or your lungs, so try to avoid it when possible.

So there you have it, that’s how I usually do my makeup. It’s not perfect by any means and it usually varies dependant on the time I have and what I feel like doing but it’s how I do it.

A lot of people compliment me on my makeup and how I look wearing it, but I do want to mention, I don’t wear it every day, I don’t feel the need to look perfect every day. I can wear makeup and be comfortable and I can wear no makeup and be comfortable. If someone wears makeup, that’s their choice. If someone doesn’t wear makeup, that’s their choice. I’ve had people make comments about myself that I would look prettier with more makeup, or that I’m wearing too much. I’ve got friends who don’t use a single product of makeup and look as fabulous as ever. I’ve got male friends who wear makeup and they look more comfortable than ever wearing it than not. It shouldn’t be up to society or anyone else to dictate who should wear what but rather it should be up to that person. If people are becoming happier and more confident with themselves by doing something that isn’t what society wants, surely we should be happy that there are individuals out there who can think for themselves and be happy with themselves. If they aren’t hurting anyone, should it matter? I love seeing guys wearing makeup, I’ve seen guys wearing makeup look better than me, I love seeing girls barefaced, I love people being who they want to be without the pressure of society. We should be building people up no matter what they look like, we should be making each other happy instead of trying to tear each other down. What you’re wearing or not wearing doesn’t define you.

P.S. I’ll try my best to post more frequently again.


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Plus sized, anime-loving, xbox-gaming, psychology graduate, a.k.a me. Started the blog "Curvy Legion" to encourage more self love while having fun with fashion and such. New to it all, I'm focusing on having fun with it and hopefully, helping others do the same.
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  1. looks good 🙂 nice post xx

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  2. Such a pretty makeup look! ❤

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