The Ruched Wrap Dress

I hope everyone is doing well and getting in Christmas spirit, I’ll be aiming to get back to normal with posting soon, most likely after these holidays. Today we have the dress which can easily be dressed up or down depending on the event; The ASOS Curve Pencil Dress with Ruched Wrap.

This dress was available at ASOS for £10 (reduced from £40) in UK sizes 16-30, found only online. I have seen this dress pop up a few times on ASOS however it seems to have now gone out of stock, but I also have seen it on Ebay, so keep your eyes peeled.

For the life of me, I cannot remember why I bought this dress, was it for work, a formal event, or did I just simply want it? I have no idea, but I know I wanted it. It’s knee length, it had mini/capped sleeves, a plunging neckline, and ruching in the middle but as it was a pencil style dress, it was made to hug the curves and not show off every one. It just hit all the right things for me.

I got a size 18 (Definitely put on weight since) and in black. First off, I applaud the fact that the dress barely goes higher than my knee, it seems to be the perfect size for my height and I love that. It’s something that really bugs me when I try on clothes that are meant for larger sizes and they don’t take into account the material will shorten due to added curves.

The material is really warm. I’ve worn this dress in every season and it’s perfect for Autumn and Spring, far too warm for summer but with a cardigan it’s probably good enough to keep you warm for winter. Though way too warm for a club/dancing, so more of a subdued evening/day. It’s slightly stretchy but just enough to cling and move about, I wouldn’t try to stretch it as I think I’d worry about it going out of shape and ripping a seam. There is a concealed zip on the back of the dress…It’s a pain to do up on your own, but it definitely helps pull the dress to you.

I like the bust/neckline, for one thing, it definitely shows off the girls well. The issue with it, is that it is really plunging. If worn to work or similar, it needs a top underneath, or a cover of some sort, at least in my head. Despite this, I think the main issue, and this might be me, is that because of the style of the dress (a wrap), while one of the girls is firmly kept in place by the dress, the other where the wrap is, isn’t as tight, so it means they can look a touch uneven.

The waist is perfection. It clings well, but the ruching/wrap covers the stomach area making it look a lot more flattering. I really can’t think of anything else on that. Length wise, it’s great as well, the dress is definitely a pencil skirt making it hug. But that being said, as it’s a wrap, the front panel  of the skirt can easily move a touch too far and show a bit more thigh than wanted.

For this look, I’d go skin coloured tights, black heels, and possibly a nice jacket to pull the look together, depending on the event needed. I’d likely choose a splash of colour to this look, just so it isn’t just a black dress.

I’ve said in a past post, that a lot of bodycon style dresses hug all the curves, and that you may need some help to smooth down the sides if desired, I don’t feel that’s the case with this dress. I think it does an amazing job with the ruching that you don’t need extra support.

Overall, a wonderful dress, just a shame it’s not currently available.

P.S. I hope you enjoyed this post, I’d love to know if in future posts, you’d prefer them to be in more detail, more photo orientated, or brief with a few pictures?




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