50% Doll, maybe?

2017 is upon us, and hopefully it will be a wonderful year for everyone. Sadly 2016 wasn’t the best for a lot of people with upsetting events all over the world occurring but we can hope that this year will be better. So, time to get started on my first blog post of 2017.

What some of you may know, but not all of you, is that I’m quite varied with my sense of fashion. That is probably the best way to put it, I like a mixture of clothing and more so now than ever. When I was in my teenager years, many of my friends and family will tell you I was a huge lover of Japanese things, I still am but thankfully to a less cringy stage. But aside from loving the culture and anime, I loved their sense of fashion, specifically a style called “Lolita”.

You may be familiar with the term from the book called the same, but this fashion is very different. This fashion is based more on a doll-like appearance from the Victorian era. If you search Google you’ll find a lot more explanations and examples if you’re interested. But while I don’t dress this way often, I have a couple of dresses that I can’t get rid of, a bit of sentimental value, plus they are adorable. Which leads us onto one of my dresses. Though before I go any further, I am by no means amazing at the fashion, nor do I follow the guidelines or anything like that, I try to do it justice as best as I can, which may not be as great as the other Lolitas I’ve seen.


This dress is available at Bodyline, a store based in Japan that does shipping overseas, for £13.99 plus shipping. Available in sizes M-4L, the specific sizing available on the link, with various colour. This being said, I actually received this dress from a friend and I adore it.

I can remember the day that I first put it on, I felt like an absolute princess. I’m quite large chested, and thanks to the shirring on the back of the dress and the slightly stretchy straps, it meant that it hugged the body and was comfortable, but not enough to cause the squished boob appearance. The dress has shirring on both the back of the dress and the front, however they are covered by the corset style ribbon for further decoration, so it could be easily taken out and allow for further expansion. As this is what I did for the ribbon on the back, plus it felt like there was so many frills and lace, it didn’t need that further ribbon on the back.


The bow on the front is detachable, and completely lost, hence I don’t feel write saying about it if I don’t have it. The material itself is a soft cotton, but due to the shirring and such it is really easy just to pull on and off again without trouble. While it’s a soft cotton, I would say that it still is quite a heavy material, and a fluffy petticoat would be needed for the ideal bell-shape look. The lace doesn’t feel cheap at all, I would even go as far to say that it’s decent quality, especially for the price of the dress.

Truth be told, I think because the picture that they have shown shows the black and white contrast colour, you can see the clear detailing on there. However, I personally feel that the contrast stands out a bit too much and makes the lace look cheaper than it actually feels, hence I prefer the solid same colour version, for me Black. That being said, there are many styles in Lolita, so it’s more there are rules and guidelines to follow, so the contrast version would be more suited to the Old-school style Lolita, whereas the Black might be more Kuro (meaning all black), or Gothic style Lolita. As with many fashions, a lot can be down to personal taste, hence I’d probably never wear the pink or blue version but the light beige one does look cute.

One final note about this dress, I’m 5 ft 8 and curvy, and I can actually wear it, as often the dresses are made for shorter and slimmer individuals so it tends to not reach the knees as desired or fit properly. This is perfect for those slightly taller women and those curvier ones too.  It’s a great dress and one I would highly recommend if you are thinking about getting started in Lolita and need to find the right versatile dress.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the pictures, as I feel that shows a lot more than me trying to explain this could.

Lastly, this month we will probably see a lot of adverts for “How to lose that Christmas weight”, “New resolution, new you!” or “Hit the gym and lose weight” etc etc. If you like yourself at the moment, don’t let them tell you differently. Just because it’s a new year doesn’t mean you have to stop being as amazing as you were last year, just keep doing what you’re doing to make you happy. If you want to lose weight for yourself, do it. If you want to have some extra weight, do it. If you want to stay the same, do that too. Just be happy with you, and if you’re not, work out how to fix that because everyone deserves to be happy this year with themselves.




About curvylegion

Plus sized, anime-loving, xbox-gaming, psychology graduate, a.k.a me. Started the blog "Curvy Legion" to encourage more self love while having fun with fashion and such. New to it all, I'm focusing on having fun with it and hopefully, helping others do the same.
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One Response to 50% Doll, maybe?

  1. I’m with you on this, don’t change yourself because of these emails that shame you and make you feel you should be on the next tea cleanse. Just be happy!



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