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Plus sized, anime-loving, xbox-gaming, psychology graduate, a.k.a me. Started the blog "Curvy Legion" to encourage more self love while having fun with fashion and such. New to it all, I'm focusing on having fun with it and hopefully, helping others do the same.

We’ve moved!

Hello everyone, First off, thank you so much for all the support you have provided since I’ve started writing Curvy Legion. I’ve enjoyed all aspects of making the blog and I’ve been encouraged to go further with this, as a … Continue reading

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Pink PVC to Cosplay alteration

This post will be a mixture of a review and tutorial, so slightly different than the usual posts. About a year ago I started sewing, having never touched a sewing machine other than in secondary school briefly for an art … Continue reading

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50% Doll, maybe?

2017 is upon us, and hopefully it will be a wonderful year for everyone. Sadly 2016 wasn’t the best for a lot of people with upsetting events all over the world occurring but we can hope that this year will … Continue reading

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all! I hope everyone all over the world is having a magical day today.

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The Ruched Wrap Dress

I hope everyone is doing well and getting in Christmas spirit, I’ll be aiming to get back to normal with posting soon, most likely after these holidays. Today we have the dress which can easily be dressed up or down depending … Continue reading

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My simple makeup

I’m sorry for the delay in getting this next post out, if you follow me on Instagram and watch my story on there, you’ll know the past two weeks I’ve been up and down the UK being rather busy. However, … Continue reading

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Do I look like I care about the rules?

Flashback to when I was in my teenage years, I wouldn’t look at anything that wasn’t a dark colour, my favourite thing to wear was my oversized black hoodie (Which I still own and adore to this day). At this … Continue reading

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Orange, ginger or redhead? The 80cm Curly wig

As of this year, I started to get into cosplay, in the sense that I actually started to wear and make my own cosplays; a completely new thing for me as I only learnt how to sew at the same … Continue reading

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Enrapture Encode Totem Hair Styler Review

The posts up until now have all been based on fashion, and while I do love clothes, I feel I should mix it up a bit and talk about something else. So, today I give you my review on “The … Continue reading

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Do you know why they call me “Hatter”?

Halloween is upon us! If you check out my Instagram you’ll see that I’ve posted a few makeup ideas, and if you’ve seen my story you’ll see what I’ve been doing to get into the Halloween spirit (A.K.A Watch Let’s … Continue reading

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